Microsoft Office Now Free to iOS Users

Microsoft has been promising to increase their mobile and cross-platform presence for a while now.  MS fans have been calling for the company to prove it with some flagship products.

Now they have done it.  Microsoft Office will be available for iOS and Android users.  Take that, doubters!  First off, Office will become available for iOS immediately; Android will follow soon after.

According to the following extract from ReadWrite, the plan is as follows:

Microsoft Office fans who can’t put down their iPhones can take note: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available on iOS as of Thursday. Better yet, they’re all free.

Previously, there were two different versions of the Microsoft Office apps for iOS mobile devices. There was the poorly received Office Mobile for iPhone, and the well received Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad. Thursday’s release takes the preferred iPad apps, updates them, and unifies the Microsoft Office experience for all devices running iOS 7 or higher, whether you have an Office 365 subscription or not.

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Email Addresses Are Us

Home Depot is not alone. Staples, Walmart and other big box retailers have experienced the same security breakdowns.  It is time consumers became more alert to the potential consequences of these and future hacks.

Online sales are taking and ever-increasing share of the retail shopping dollar. And now, as another Christmas season approaches, consumers need to be wary.

The following story from TechCrunch describes how emails enable hacker phishing expeditions:

Remember that Home Depot hack? The one where 56 million credit cards were stolen?

Of course you do. Hell — if you’re anything like me, you’re probably still in the middle of updating your various accounts to point to the replacement credit card.

Alas, things are a bit worse than previously believed.

In addition to the 56 million credit/debit cards that were initially known to be lost, Home Depot has just disclosed that the hackers also grabbed roughly 53 million customer email addresses.

“Who cares!” you say. “They already have my credit card number, what’s the big deal with them having my email address?”

One word: phishing.

Everyone gets phishing emails — if you spend any time on the Internet at all, it’s pretty much unavoidable. But it’s not every day where the phishers also have access to a once-valid credit card number to help them in their trickery.

“Hey! It’s … uh, your cable company! To prove it, here’s the last four digits of your old credit card number. How about giving us a new one?”

You may not fall for it — but when they’ve got 53 million emails to flood, you can be certain that many would.

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Aid Is In, but Gazans Can Only Look at Supplies –

This summer’s battle between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has ended but the battle over relief and the restoration of Palestinian property and homes is on-going.

Gaza Aid


Warehouses are full of building materials contributed by aid agencies for reconstruction – all approved for entry by Israeli authorities on October 14 but now remain locked in warehouses and behind chain link fences.

Palestinian Authority and United Nations administrators have made efforts to assure Israel that materials will not go to rebuild tunnels that militants used to penetrate Israel territory in order to terrorize communities. Bureaucratic delays in establishing mutually agreeable monitoring systems mean that the timetable for international aid relief and the reconstruction of communities will remain elusive.  Refugee frustrations continue.

(Via., Middle East, Jodi Rudoren, 2014-10-25)

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Russia Is Deploying Its Fastest Interceptors To The Arctic Full-Time

Russia Is Deploying Its Fastest Interceptors To The Arctic Full-Time:

The diplomatic struggle over the Arctic is, if not at a boiling point, on its way. Russia, the United States, Canada, Norway, and Denmark have all rushed to establish their (often tenuous at best) claims to the Arctic, as vast reserves of natural gas and oil are thought to be buried underneath its seabed. Canada, for example, has been scouring the sea bed for remains of a failed British expedition that sought the Northwest Passage, and just a little while ago it found the remains of the storied Franklin Expedition of the 1860s ( HMS Erebus ).




Russia, under Putin has been rattling its Cold War cupboard at Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Canada, and the U.S. as it tries to rally its way back to its former Soviet self. Back in April, President Vladimir Putin established a specific state agency for development of the Arctic, and an Arctic military command sporting snowmobiles and hovercraft is on its way by 2017.

(Via. Foxtrot Alpha, Michael Ballaban,  2014-10-16)

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Tennis Analysis? – Take a Tablet

BBC News – Tablet tennis: How app could transform the women’s game: “SAP has developed a program for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) that will allow players and coaches to view – in real time – what’s been happening during a match.


SAP has developed a program for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) that will allow players and coaches to view – in real time – what’s been happening during a match. 

A pilot test was launched at the WTA finals in Singapore to illustrate the power of real time game analysis in coaching and for fans during matches.


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Mobile bike repair shop is on a roll in Vancouver

Mobile bike repair shop is on a roll in Vancouver:


(Via Vancouver Sun, March 26, 2014 by Yvonne Zacharias)

On a quiet residential street in an upscale west-side Vancouver neighbourhood, a van painted in blaring red and white colours sits parked with the back open. Inside, a man in coveralls works on a bicycle mounted on a stand.

The van’s walls are lined with tools, bolts, screws and assorted paraphernalia used to fix and tune up bikes. Every inch of space is occupied.

Like big incongruous pieces in an intricate puzzle of tiny parts, there is an espresso coffee machine on one side, a flatscreen television mounted near the top and skylights in the ceiling as a crowning touch.

A new fixture on city streets, Velofix is a mobile bicycle repair shop, a bicycle mechanic’s paradise on wheels that brings service to your doorstep rather than forcing you to go out and find it.

After rolling out just over a year ago in January of 2013, co-owners Boris Martin and Chris Guillemet say their mobile fix-it shop has been doing a booming business.

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BBC News – Inside secret vault holding long-lost art treasures

 Nazi Cache – Inside secret vault holding long-lost art treasures

(via BBC News, 26 March 2014)

Cornelius Gurlitt is a reclusive man, but he was recently found to be holding one of the world’s biggest private art collections – close to 1,500 pieces that he had stored at his homes in Munich and Salzburg.

It is though much of it came from his father, a dealer licensed by the Nazis to buy and sell art, and may have been stolen from Jewish families.

The works, by artist such as Picasso, Renoir, Monet, are now being held in secure warehouses and vaults by restorers and experts trying to trace their history.”


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