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The Berlin Wall’s Mark in History

Time Magazine (see article, below) marks the history of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  From Time’s website, Lily Rothman traces the history of the Wall from start to finish. For a structure that stood only about 12 ft. high, … Continue reading

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The Cartoon History of Everything

[From Bob Temuka’s Tearoom of Despair blog –, Posted November 29, 2013] Will Eisner always used to say that you could teach anybody anything if you put the lesson in the form of a comic, and then he went … Continue reading

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High Court to Rule on Reburial of Richard III

(Written by Emma McFarnon,, November 25, 2013) A group of Richard III’s distant relatives campaigning to see the former king reburied in York will tomorrow take their fight to the High Court in London. The Plantagenet Alliance Limited, made … Continue reading

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Claude Friese-Greene was a pioneer in British film. He made this astounding color video of driving around London. It appears as if he is shooting it from the top of a double decker bus! VIDEO: Astounding Color Video Of Driving … Continue reading

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Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010: A Retrospective

We own the Goldium.  That’s what the Canadian Olympic Committee should have said.But be fair, Canada has never been too strident or as overtly obnoxious as to potentially offend anyone.  This time was different.  Very different.  This time we had … Continue reading

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