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Singapore Expands Government Drone Use

Singapore is looking to expand its use of drones to support public services, for instance, to help monitor dengue-ht areas and construction sites. The Ministry of Transport announced that it had awarded a main contract for the deployment of unmanned … Continue reading

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High Court to Rule on Reburial of Richard III

(Written by Emma McFarnon,, November 25, 2013) A group of Richard III’s distant relatives campaigning to see the former king reburied in York will tomorrow take their fight to the High Court in London. The Plantagenet Alliance Limited, made … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden comes forward as source of NSA leaks – The Washington Post

[By Barton Gellman, Aaron Blake and Greg Miller, Sunday, June 9, 10:52 AM] Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old tech specialist who has contracted for the NSA and works for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, unmasked himself as a source after a string of stories in The Washington Post … Continue reading

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