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This MegaDrone Will Be a Self-Flying Air Taxi in Dubai This Summer

Although Ehang announced the 184 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, testing continued in Nevada as well as Dubai through to early 2017.  Now, it seems, commercial certification is imminent with the following announcement in the Middle East. This video … Continue reading

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Guide to LiPo Battery Management Oscar Liang (, a useful reference to LiPo battery fundamentals, sizes, connectors, charge, balance charge and disposal. All RC hobbyists should keep Mr. Liang’s guides in their reference libraries.

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Singapore Expands Government Drone Use

Singapore is looking to expand its use of drones to support public services, for instance, to help monitor dengue-ht areas and construction sites. The Ministry of Transport announced that it had awarded a main contract for the deployment of unmanned … Continue reading

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e-volo Future Microlight, Volocopter

E-volo is an ambitious startup.  They want to be the first, environmentally friendly, emission-free private helicopter.  Hence, the VC200 Volocopter. ( website at: Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, the company has received several technical awards, and much consumer and press attention … Continue reading

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The Berlin Wall’s Mark in History

Time Magazine (see article, below) marks the history of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  From Time’s website, Lily Rothman traces the history of the Wall from start to finish. For a structure that stood only about 12 ft. high, … Continue reading

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The Making of the Middle East

A chart known as the Sykes-Picot map, drawn in 1916 by officials representing the British and French governments of the time made straight-line proposed borders on a map of Eastern Turkey, Syria and then current-day Western Persia.  These agreed upon … Continue reading

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Hideout Survivor of World War II Netherlands

The following Canadian Press story describes how Betty Laron, as a 13-year old, hid from the Nazis in Zavenaar, the Netherlands in 1943. TORONTO – Betty Laron will never forget her father’s words the day he told her their family … Continue reading

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