Russia Is Deploying Its Fastest Interceptors To The Arctic Full-Time

Russia Is Deploying Its Fastest Interceptors To The Arctic Full-Time:

The diplomatic struggle over the Arctic is, if not at a boiling point, on its way. Russia, the United States, Canada, Norway, and Denmark have all rushed to establish their (often tenuous at best) claims to the Arctic, as vast reserves of natural gas and oil are thought to be buried underneath its seabed. Canada, for example, has been scouring the sea bed for remains of a failed British expedition that sought the Northwest Passage, and just a little while ago it found the remains of the storied Franklin Expedition of the 1860s ( HMS Erebus ).




Russia, under Putin has been rattling its Cold War cupboard at Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Canada, and the U.S. as it tries to rally its way back to its former Soviet self. Back in April, President Vladimir Putin established a specific state agency for development of the Arctic, and an Arctic military command sporting snowmobiles and hovercraft is on its way by 2017.

(Via. Foxtrot Alpha, Michael Ballaban,  2014-10-16)

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