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DJI Phantom 2 Vision – Quadcopter of My Dreams

This is it… the quadcopter of my dreams. I’ve flown remote-control (RC) copters before. Indoors. Isn’t that what Christmas is for? I am a dedicated fan. Like Toad in Wind in the Willows, I go off when I view the … Continue reading

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AUTO CORRECT: Has the Self-Driving Car Arrived at Last?

[from the New Yorker, by Burkhard Bilger, November 25, 2013] Human beings make terrible drivers. They talk on the phone and run red lights, signal to the left and turn to the right. They drink too much beer and plow … Continue reading

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The Cartoon History of Everything

[From Bob Temuka’s Tearoom of Despair blog –, Posted November 29, 2013] Will Eisner always used to say that you could teach anybody anything if you put the lesson in the form of a comic, and then he went … Continue reading

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