Amazon to sell groceries online in Canada

Amazon to sell groceries online in Canada

[From: The Vancouver Sun online, By Gillian Shaw, October 31, 2013]


Competitive grocery market promises to get ‘ugly. 

Amazon Canada is offering more than 15,000 food items on its online shopping site. Produce and refrigerated goods are not part of the service. Photograph by: Paul Sakuma , AP Amazon is expanding its product offerings in Canada, adding a grocery department and automotive shop to its online shopping services.

The ecommerce giant has added more than 15,000 non-refrigerated food products, including a number of brand names such as Kellogg’s, Campbell’s Soup and Nestlé, and a range of specialty items.

The grocery launch is in addition to the opening of an auto store at, which lists auto and truck accessories ranging from battery cables to car electronics.



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