Eradicate Bloatware from Your PC or Smartphone



[From Andrew Tarantola, Gizmodo, July 6, 2013]

PCs and Smartphones are preloaded with all kinds of “gifted” software tools at the blessing of manufacturers who monetize their opportunity to load you up with trial versions of software that developers are dying to expose to potential buyers.  They take up precious hard drive space and hobble your PC/Smartphone with paid ads that can compete for scarce compute resources.

Gizmodo is a great How To site with lots of useful tips from time to time on how consumers can fight back or take back their lost performance.

In a recent article, Andrew Tarantola (How to Banish Bloatware from Your PC and Smartphone) eloquently describes steps you can take on your Microsoft   PC or Android-based Smartphone to restore its originally-designed performance.

For details

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