Google Inc. on the road to developing self-driving cars

Google Inc. on the road to developing self-driving cars: “

Google has put over half a million miles testing its self-driving cars in California over the last 3 years.  Reliability is proven — the only accident on record is when a human test-team member had a small collision while moving one of the cars during testing. Regulators concede that the concepts developed so far show significant promise.  The following article details some of the perceived advances:

Google car


[via VANCOUVER SUN:  Google Inc. on the road to developing self-driving cars     BY ANGELA GREILING KEANE, BLOOMBERG MAY 31, 2013   STORYPHOTOS ( Justin Sullivan, Getty Images )  ]

Self-driving cars being developed by Google Inc. and some automakers are getting a lift from U.S. auto-safety regulators eager to accelerate automation that they predict could prevent many crashes.

Transportation Department regulators today released a policy intended to advance testing of self-driving cars and to encourage development of precursor technologies, such as vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems and brakes that apply themselves when a crash is sensed to be imminent.”


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